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Banners and Flags

Promote your Business Inside and Out with a Corporate Flags or Banners. What better way to promote your business that seeing your logo larger than life?
Your company logo can be printed on any flag and banner, no matter what the size or orientation (portrait or landscape). Fly your company flag – complete with logos or colours – outside your premises to attract the attention of passer-bys.

Similarly, you can hang your printed flag inside the boardroom or behind the reception desk to re-enforce your image into the minds of your visitors.

When considering sponsorship of an event, why not consider using a flag or banner? It is cost-effective, big enough to notice and could be a differentiating factor between you and the other sponsors at an event. As flags and banners can be hung anywhere, you are not limited by where it can be placed.


  • Bow Flags (Feather Banners)
    Bowflag® – the ingenious sail for your success.
    • Without fragile, accident-prone telescope poles
    • Numerous exchangeable bases available
    • Two-layered version with double-sided positive print.

    The unique Bowflag® shape draws immediate attention
    and offers generous advertising space while using up
    little room. Dynamic, friendly, and mobile, Bowflags®
    are suitable for all kinds of promotional and brand
    activities – at the point of sale, on the street outside
    your store, for special promotional initiatives,
    at exhibitions and events.

    Take advantage of Bowflag®, the light
    and mighty advertising medium for
    any occasion.
    Available in different shapes and sizes.
    Full colour print, one or double sided.
    One pole – 4 different shaped banners

FLAGS _ img1Flags_img2

  • • Both the 2 & 3 mtr poles are used with either the Cross Base, Spike Base or the 15kg All In-One Concrete Base.
    • The PVC Water-filled Bag and the 10kg Concrete weight are optional extras that help to hold the Cross Bass
    in place when using your flag either inside or outside.
  • Hand Flags (Hand Wavers)
    Traditional hand flags are among the all-time
    favourites media for company nad brand advertisement.
    Best for all kinds of indoor and outdoor events.

    Media: paper.
    Full colour digital print.
    The flag measures 20cm x 28cm and is supplied
    on a 46cm long wooden or plastic stick.

  • Car Flags
    Everybody knows them: car flags have become a popular staple. They are part of the scene during major sports
    and other events. They can be used as giveaways, promotional gimmick for events, promotional gifts and
    merchandising items. Due to their mobility, they have a very wide reach. Car flags come complete with flag holder,
    advertising print or as national flag.
  • The plastic pole measures 45cm in length
    and the flag is roughly 30cm x 40cm.

    Full colour print, both sides.

CAR_Flag_img1 CAR_Flag_img2
  • Table Flag, Bannerettes & Pennants
    Table flags represent you and your guests nationality,
    organisations and occasions. They add dignity to all kinds
    of events: conferences, meetngs, official dinners or exhibitions.
    With table flags you make a statement and pay your respect
    to your guests and visitors.
    Don’t miss this opportunity to create a festive,
    dignified environment!

    • A wide range of national and international flags in stock
    • Custom prints with your company logo, club emblem,
    or organizational logo available

  • Buntings and Pennants
    Buntings: festive decoration with your promotion.
    • Triangular flag format 15 cm x 25 cm
    • Flag format 20 cm x 30 cm
    • Cord length 5 m or 12 m
    • Also available with outlined flags.
  • Buntings are the epitome of friendly festivity.
    They promote your business and take your message
    straight to your audience’s hearts.
    -The perfect way to reach your audience at the best of moods: buntings
    • For a festive feeling at the point of sale
    • For events, festivals, parties, exhibitions
    • Easy to attach, easy to remove, reusable
  • We also produce one-off pennants for presentations and prize-days.
    They are a unique way of celebrating an event, a tour or a college
    football team. They come in landscape or portrait orientation.
    They can be printed on satin material or embroidered for that
    extra special touch.


  • Outdoor/indoor Banners
    Large Format Outdoor Display Banners.
    Made from durable PVC material, they are
    lightweight for hanging outside premises
    to advertise special offers etc. Ideal for
    the motor trade, hotels, supermarkets.

    Our PVC banners are digitally printed
    in full colour. They come with
    metal rings or have folded and reinforced
    with tape edges to use on the poles.

    Size: 1 metre in height and any
    length that is required.

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